stop vm

stop vm vm_name [forceful | graceful]


Stops a virtual machine (VM) process.

Syntax Description

vm Designates stopping a vm process.
vm_name Specifies the VM name.
forceful Forcefully terminates the VM.
graceful Gracefully shutdowns the VM if possible (default).


By default, the VM is shutdown gracefully, if possible.

Usage Guidelines

The effect of this command is not persistent. The initial VM state after boot is determined by the VM‘s enabled/disabled configuration state. A VM is forcefully stopped if it does not shutdown gracefully within 60 seconds

To start a VM process, use the command start vm vm_name.

The Extreme Integrated Application Hosting (IAH) feature requires the Solid State Storage Device SSD-120.


The following example stops the VM process "vm1" forcefully:

# stop vm vm1 forcefully


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 30.3.

Platform Availability

This command is available on all platforms that support the Extreme IAH feature and have a Core license installed. For a list of platforms that support the IAH feature and for information about licenses, see the Switch Engine 32.3 Feature License Requirements .