configure flowmon group key

configure flowmon group group_name [add | delete] key key_name


Configures a relationship between a Flow Monitor key and a group.

Syntax Description

group Specifies the Flow Monitor group.
group_name Specifies the assigned name of the Flow Monitor group. Range is 32 characters.
add Specifies to add a key to a group.
delete Specifies to delete a collector from a group.
key Specifies the key.
key_name Specifies the name of the created key. Range is 32 characters.



Usage Guidelines

While a key is being added to a group, the key can't be modified.

Flow Monitor creates a template key portion that matches the key. Flow Monitor then searches for a match to see if that template key portion has already been created. If not, Flow Monitor saves the new template key portion and relates it to the group. If the key has already been created, Flow Monitor checks the group to see if that template key portion is already related to the group. If a different template key portion is related to the group, then the add fails. If not, the template key portion (either newly created or pre-existing) is related to the key.

If the group is already enabled, the key is installed in the hardware. Keys can be added to or deleted from a group regardless of the state of the group.

When a key is to be deleted from a group, the key is disassociated from the key template portion. The key is then disassociated from the group. If the group has no more keys associated with it and the group is disabled, the group is then disassociated from the template key portion.


The following command adds a key with the name 'src-ipv4-address' to the group with the name 'max-flow-age':

# configure flowmon group max-flow-age add key src-ipv4-address 


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 32.2.

Platform Availability

This command is available on ExtremeSwitching 5520 and 5420 series switches.