show flowmon group

show flowmon group group_name | all] detail


Displays Flow Monitor group information.

Syntax Description

group Specifies the Flow Monitor group.
group_name Specifies the assigned name of the Flow Monitor group. Range is 32 characters.
all Specifies to show Flow Monitor information for all groups.
detail Specifies to show all information associated with the specified group.



Usage Guidelines

For each Flow Monitor group, the group name and parameters are shown.

When detail is entered, the assigned collector name, complete template name, template key portion name, and a list of key names, dependent keys and containing groups are shown. In addition, the group state and whether the group is enabled or disabled are shown. The group state is defined as follows:

When all is entered, then all groups are shown with full detail.


The following command displays detail information for the group 'g1':

# show flowmon group g1 detail
Name                                    : g1
Group is configured to be               : Enabled
Group is operationally                  : Enabled
Max Flow Age                            : 60000      (default)
Flow Limit                              : 256   
Collector                               : c1                              
Group State                             : Active
Group Last Failed State                 : <none>
Group enable backoff in progress        : No 
Complete template name                  : g1                              
Key template name                       : k1                              
Keys added to this group:


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 32.2.

Platform Availability

This command is available on ExtremeSwitching 5520 and 5420 series switches.