create process python-module

create process name python-module python-module {start [auto | on-demand]} {node node} {vr vr-name} {description description} {arg1 {arg2 {arg3 {arg4 {arg5 {arg6 {arg7 {arg8 {arg9}}}}}}}}}


Adds a Python module process.

Syntax Description

process User application process.
name Name of the user application process. Range 1-31.
python-module The Python module to import and run.
python-module The module relative to /usr/local/cfg.
start Startup behavior.
auto Create a daemon process and start it immediately.
on-demand Create a run-to-completion process and use \start process\.
node Node in stack in which to create the process.
node Primary node, backup node, or both (default is primary).
vr Virtual router in which to start the process.
vr-name Virtual router name.
description Description.
arg1-9 Variable value.


VR-Mgmt is the default VR used if not specified.

If no selection is made, the process runs on-demand.

If no node is selected, the default is the primary node.

Usage Guidelines

The executable must be uploaded to /usr/local/cfg using the normal mechanisms (for example, TFTP).

From EPM‘s perspective, a Python-based process is an instance of the “expy” executable with some arguments, namely the Python module.

This command adds a Python module. To add a C executable processes, use the create process executable command.

A process must first exist on the primary node if you are creating it only on the backup node, If a process already exists on the primary node, you cannot create it on both the primary and secondary node. Also, if the backup node is down, a new process cannot be created on it.


The following are examples of create process python-module commands.

python-module foo_program start auto vr vr-default
create process foo_user1 python-module “” “arg1 to foo.main”
create process foo_user2 python-module “foo.noargs.needed”
create process foo_user3 python-module “foo.daemon” start auto “arg1 to foo.main”
The following error is displayed if an attempt is made to create a process with an invalid name:
Error: Process name %s is invalid.  Process names must begin with a letter, contain only alphanumeric and
“_” characters, and be less than 32 characters long.


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 15.7.

Platform Availability

This command is available on ExtremeSwitching 5320, 5420, 5520, and 5720 series switches.