configure ospf add vlan area link-type

configure ospf add vlan vlan-name area area-identifier link-type [auto | broadcast | point-to-point] {passive}


Configures the OSPF link type.

Syntax Description

vlan-name Specifies a VLAN name.
area-identifier Specifies the area to which the VLAN is assigned.
auto Specifies to automatically determine the OSPF link type based on the interface type.
broadcast Specifies a broadcast link, such as Ethernet. Routers must elect a DR and a BDR during synchronization.
point-to-point Specifies a point-to-point link type, such as PPP.
passive Specifies to stop sending and receiving packets on this interface.



Usage Guidelines

The passive parameter indicates that the router only synchronizes and listens, and does not originate or send any new information on the interface.


The following command configures the OSPF link type as automatic on a VLAN named accounting:

configure ospf add vlan accounting area link-type auto


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 10.1.

Platform Availability

This command is available on platforms with Base license, or higher, as described in the Switch Engine 32.3 Feature License Requirements document.