enable ripng originate-default

enable ripng originate-default {always} cost metric {tag number}


Configures a default route to be advertised by RIPng.

Syntax Description

always Specifies to advertise the default route in addition to learned default route.
cost metric Specifies a cost metric. The range is 1 - 15.
tag number Specifies a tag number.



Usage Guidelines

If always is specified, RIPng always advertises the default route to its neighbors. If always is not specified, RIPng advertises a default route only if a reachable default route is in the system route table (the route is learned from other neighbors).

The default route advertisement is filtered using the out policy. Use the command, configure ripng route-policy, to specify the out policy.

The cost metric is inserted for all RIPng-learned, static, and direct routes injected into RIPng. The tag value is used only by special routing applications.


The following command configures a default route to be advertised by RIPng if there is a default route in the system routing table:

enable ripng originate-default cost 7


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 11.2.

Platform Availability

This command is available on platforms with an Edge, Advanced Edge, or Core license. For licensing information, see the Switch Engine 32.3 Feature License Requirements document.