radius server host

Add a Remote Access Dial-In User Services (RADIUS) server to enable RADIUS service on the switch.


Command Parameters

Enables Remote Dial-In User Services (RADIUS) accounting on this server. The default is enabled.
acct-port <1-65536>
Configures a UDP port of the Remote Dial-In User Services (RADIUS) accounting server. The default is 1816.
Enables this server.
host WORD <0-46>
Creates a host server. Remote Dial-In User Services (RADIUS) supports IPv4 addresses. WORD <0-46> specifies an address in A.B.C.D or x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x format.
key WORD<0-32>
Configures a secret key in the range of 0-20 characters.
port <1-65536>
Configures a UDP port of the Remote Dial-In User Services (RADIUS) server.
priority <1-10>
Configures the priority value for this server. The default is 10.
retry <0-6>
Configures the maximum number of authentication retries. The default is 3.
Enable secure mode on the server.
Specifies the RADIUS secure server log severity level. Possible values are:
  • critical

  • debug

  • error

  • info

  • warning

Specifies the protocol for establishing the secure connection with the server.
Specifies the secure profile name.
timeout <1-20>
Configures the number of seconds before the authentication request times out. The default is 8.
used-by {cli|eapol|endpoint-tracking|snmp|web}
Configures how the server functions:
  • cli - configures the server for CLI authentication

  • eapol - configures the server for Extensible Authentication Protocol over LAN (EAPoL) authentication

  • endpoint-tracking - configures the server for Endpoint Tracking authentication

  • snmp - configures the server for Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) accounting

  • web - configures the server for web authentication

The default is cli.



Command Mode

Global Configuration

Usage Guidelines

used-by endpoint-tracking does not apply to all hardware platforms. For more information about feature support, see Fabric Engine Feature Support Matrix.