show ip msdp sa-check

Display the peer info from which a router will accept SA originating from the RP and also check whether the specified(S,G,RP) would be accepted from the peer.


Command Parameters

group {A.B.C.D}
Specifies the group IP address.
peer {A.B.C.D}
Specifies the MSDP peer IP address.
rp {A.B.C.D}
Specifies the RP IP address.
source {A.B.C.D}
Specifies the source IP address.
vrf WORD<0-16>
Specifies a particular VRF. Type a name between 0-16 characters in length.
vrfids WORD<0-512>]
Specifies the VRF ID.



Command Mode

Privileged EXEC