ip route (for a Management Instance)

Configures an IPv4 static route for a Management Instance.


Command Parameters

Specifies the address and mask.
{A.B.C.D} {A.B.C.D}
Specifies the address and mask.
next-hop {A.B.C.D}
Specifies the next hop address for the static route. Use an IP in the same subnet as the management VLAN IP address.
weight <1-65535>
Specifies the static route cost. The default is 200.



Command Mode

Management Instance Configuration

Usage Guidelines

For the Management Instance CLIP, you do not need to configure a default or static route. This interface type uses all routing information learned by protocols attached to the VRF. For more information about how to associate a VRF with the CLIP interface, see mgmt clip.

For the Management Instance OOB and VLAN, you must configure a default or static route to reach the next-hop gateway; no routing protocol information is used to access off-link networks.