ipv6 route (for a Management Instance)

Configures an IPv6 static route for a Management Instance.


Command Parameters

next-hop WORD<0-255>
Specifies the next hop address for the static route. Use an IP in the same subnet as the management VLAN IP address.
weight <1-65535>
Specifies the static route cost. The default is 200.
Specifies the address and prefix length.



Command Mode

Management Instance Configuration

Usage Guidelines

For the Management Instance CLIP, you do not need to configure a default or static route. This interface type uses all routing information learned by protocols attached to the VRF. For more information about how to associate a VRF with the CLIP interface, see mgmt clip.

For the Management Instance OOB and VLAN, you must configure a default or static route to reach the next-hop gateway; no routing protocol information is used to access off-link networks.