show application iqagent

Show ExtremeCloud IQ Agent configuration information and status.




Command Mode


Usage Guidelines

This command does not apply to all hardware platforms. For more information about feature support, see Fabric Engine Feature Support Matrix.

Command Output

The show application iqagent command displays the following information:

Output field


Agent Admin State

Specifies the administrative state of the IQ Agent.

Agent Version

Specifies the IQ Agent version that runs on the device.

Agent Oper State

Specifies the operational status of the IQ Agent, whether IQ Agent is connected to ExtremeCloud IQ.

Server Address

Specifies the default ExtremeCloud IQ server.

Server Address Origin

Specifies the origin of the server IP address.

  • None - displays the default value ( or

  • Configured - displays the static server IP address configured using CLI or EDM.

  • DHCP - displays the dynamic server IP address configured by the DHCP server.

Proxy Address

Specifies the proxy address.

Proxy TCP Port

Specifies the proxy TCP port.

Proxy Username

Specifies the proxy server username.

Proxy Password

Specifies the proxy server password.


The following example displays the ExtremeCloud IQ Agent configuration.

Switch:1>show application iqagent

                                 IQAgent Info
Agent Admin State       : true
Agent Version           : 0.2.7
Agent Oper State        : connected
Server Address          :
Server Address Origin   : None
Proxy Address           :
Proxy TCP Port          : 21
Proxy Username          : admin