ipv6 dhcp-relay (for a VLAN)

Configure Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Relay on an interface. The command no ipv6 dhcp-relay disables DHCP on the interface; it does not delete the entry.


Command Parameters

max-hop <1-32>
Configures the maximum number of hops before a BootP/DHCP packet is discarded. The default is 32.
Enables the Remote ID. The default is disabled.
vrid WORD<1-255>
Specifies the ID of the virtual router and is an integer from 1-255.
Creates a forwarding path to the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server with a mode and a state. WORD<0-255> is the IPv6 address of the server. The default IP address of the relay is the address of the interface. If the relay is a Virtual Router configured on this interface, you must set the vrid. By default, the forwarding path is disabled.



Command Mode

VLAN Interface Configuration