Configure password options.


Command Parameters

access level WORD<2-8>
Permits or blocks this access level. The available access level values are as follows:l1 l2 l3 ro rw rwa. The default access level is allow all.
aging-time day <1-365>
Configures the expiration period for passwords in days, from 1-365. The default aging time is 90 days.
default-lockout-time <60-65000>
Changes the default lockout time after three invalid attempts. Configures the lockout time, in seconds, and is in the 60-65000 range. The default lockout time is 60 seconds.
lockout WORD<0-46> time <60-65000>
Configures the host lockout time. WORD<0-46> is the host IP address in the format a.b.c.d. <60-65000> is the lockout-out time, in seconds, in the 60-65000 range.
min-passwd-len <10-20>
Configures the minimum length for passwords in high-secure mode. The default minimum password length is 10 characters.
password-history <3-32>
Specifies the number of previous passwords the switch stores. You cannot reuse a password that is stored in the password history. The default password history is 3.



Command Mode

Global Configuration