certificate install-file

Install certification authority (CA), root CA, or subject certificates, or a Certificate Revocation List (CRL) file obtained offline from the CA.


Command Parameters

offline-ca-filename WORD<1-80>
Specifies the CA file name obtained from the CA.
offline-crl-filename WORD<1-80>
Specifies the CRL file obtained from the CA.
offline-root-ca-filename WORD<1-80>
Specifies the root CA file name obtained from the CA.
offline-subject-filename WORD<1-80>
Specifies the subject certificate file name obtained from the CA.
relaxed pkcs12-password WORD<1-128>

Uses the relaxed mode for offline subject certificate installation for less restrictive consistency checks.

You can also install a PKCS12 format certificate and secret key in relaxed mode. WORD<1-128> is the password to extract the PKCS12 container. If you do not include this parameter, the supported format is Distinguished Encoding Rules (DER).



Command Mode

Global Configuration