sys force-msg

Use the force message control option to extend the message control feature functionality to the software and hardware log messages.

To enable the message control feature, you must specify an action, control interval, and maximum message number. After you enable the feature, the log messages, which get repeated and cross the maximum message number in the control interval, trigger the force message feature.

You can either suppress the message or send a trap notification, or both.


Command Parameters

Adds a forced message control pattern.
WORD<4-4> is a string of 4 characters. You can add a four-byte pattern into the force-msg table. The software and the hardware log messages that use the first four bytes matching one of the patterns in the force-msg table undergo the configured message control action.
You can specify up to 32 different patterns in the force-msg table, including a wildcard pattern (****). If you specify the wildcard pattern, all messages undergo message control.



Command Mode

Global Configuration