spbm <1-100> smlt-virtual-bmac

Configure the virtual Backbone MAC (B-MAC) address, which is shared and advertised by both peers. Configuration of this command is optional.


Command Parameters

Specifies the SPBM instance ID.
Specifies the virtual MAC address. SMLT virtual B-MAC is the optional configuration. If SMLT virtual B-MAC is not configured, the system derives SMLT virtual B-MAC from the configured SMLT peer system ID and the nodal MAC of the device (IS-IS system ID).
The system compares the nodal MAC of the device with the SMLT peer system ID configured and takes the small one, plus 0x01, as the SMTL virtual B-MAC. The system also derives SMLT split BEB from the SMLT peer system ID and nodal MAC of the device.
The device with the lower system ID is primary, the device with the higher system ID is secondary.



Command Mode

IS-IS Router Configuration