filter acl

Use an access control list (ACL) to specify an ordered list of ACEs, or filter rules.


Command Parameters


Specifies the ACL ID. Use the CLI Help to see the available range for the switch.

matchType <both | terminatingNNIOnly | uniOnly>
For inVsn ACL types, specifies the type of port to associate with the ACL.
The default value is <both>.
name WORD<0-32>
Specifies an optional descriptive name for the ACL.
pktType ipv6
Specifies the packet type as IPv6.
type <inVlan|inPort|outPort|inVsn>
Specifies the access control list (ACL) type. The values inVlan, inPort, and inVsn are ingress ACLs, and outPort is an egress ACL.



Command Mode

Global Configuration