ipsec policy

Create and configure an Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) policy.


Command Parameters

action <drop|permit>
Specifies the action the policy takes. The default is permit.
Specifies the destination port for TCP and UDP. You can specify any port as the destination port. The default is any.
laddr WORD<1-32>
Specifies the local address. This field is optional. laddr is an optional parameter that allows you to have multiple local addresses for each remote address. If you do not configure this parameter, then the IPv6 address 0::0 is the default, which configures this parameter to any address.
protocol <icmp|icmpv6|ospfv3|tcp|udp>
Specifies the protocol. The default is TCP.
raddr WORD<1-32>
Specifies the remote address. Use the address 0::0 to configure raddr to any, which allows the parameter to act as a wildcard entry with any destination acceptable.
sport <1-65535>
Specifies the source port for TCP and UDP.
Specifies the policy ID


The default is disabled.

Command Mode

Global Configuration