vlan i-sid

Map a customer VLAN (C-VLAN) to a service instance identifier (I-SID) to create a Layer 2 VSN. The C-VLAN cannot be a backbone VLAN (B-VLAN).

You can specify an I-SID name before or after you associate I-SID to VLAN. By default, the I-SID name is the word "ISID-" followed by its numeric value.


Command Parameters

Specifies the I-SID. You cannot use I-SID 0x00ffffff. The system reserves this I-SID to advertise the virtual BMAC in an SMLT dual-homing environment.

Specifies the VLAN ID in the range of 1 to 4059. By default, VLAN IDs 1 to 4059 are configurable and the system reserves VLAN IDs 4060 to 4094 for internal use. On switches that support the vrf-scaling and spbm-config-mode boot configuration flags, if you enable these flags, the system also reserves VLAN IDs 3500 to 3998. VLAN ID 1 is the default VLAN and you cannot create or delete VLAN ID 1.

Specifies the software must replace the existing VLAN-to-I-SID mapping, if one exists.


The default I-SID is 0.

Command Mode

Global Configuration