ipv6 ospf area virtual-link (for a VRF)

Configure OSPF parameters on a VRF to control how OSPF behaves.


Command Parameters

{A.B.C.D} {A.B.C.D}
Specifies the area address and the virtual link address.
dead-interval <1-65535>
Specifies the dead interval, as the number of seconds to wait before determining the OSPF router is down. The default dead-interval is 60.
hello-interval <1-65535>
Specifies the hello interval, in seconds, for hello packets sent between switches for a virtual interface in an OSPF area. The default hello interval is 10.
retransmit-interval <1-1800>
Specifies the retransmit interval, in seconds, for link-state advertisements. The default retransmit-interval is 5.
transit-delay <1-1800>
Specifies the transit-delay interval, in seconds, required to transmit a link-state update packet over the virtual interface. The default transit-delay is 1.



Command Mode

VRF Router Configuration