ip ospf transit-delay (for a VLAN)

Configure the transit delay for the virtual interface, which is the estimated number of seconds required to transmit a link-state update over the interface.


Command Parameters

Specifies the transit delay range.
cost <0-65535>
Configures the OSPF metric for the interface. The switch advertises the metric in router link advertisements. The default is 1.
mtu-ignore enable
Enables maximum transmission unit (MTU) ignore. To allow the switch to accept OSPF database description (DBD) packets with a different MTU size, enable mtu-ignore. Incoming OSPF DBD packets are dropped if their MTU is greater than 1500 bytes.
priority <0-255>
Configures the OSPF priority for the interface during the election process for the designated router. The interface with the highest priority number is the designated router. The interface with the second-highest priority becomes the backup designated router. If the priority is 0, the interface cannot become either the designated router or a backup. The priority is used only during election of the designated router and backup designated router. The default is 1.



Command Mode

VLAN Interface Configuration