ip community-list (for a VRF)

Show the community lists on the VRF Router.


Command Parameters

Sets the access mode, which permits or denies access for matching conditions.
community-list <1-1024>
Creates the specified community list entry. <1-1024> specifies the list id.
community-string WORD<0-256>
Specifies an alphanumeric string value with a string length of 0 to 1536 characters. This string value is either an AS num: community-value or a well-known community string. Well known communities include: internet no-export no-advertise local-as (known as NO_EXPORT_SUBCONFED).
memberId <0-65535>
Adds an entry to the community list. <0-65535> is an integer value that represents the member ID in the community list.



Command Mode

VRF Router Configuration