auto-negotiate enable (on an Ethernet port)

Enable AutoNegotiation on the Ethernet port to optimally operate on the network.


Command Parameters

Enables or disables AutoNegotiation for the port or other ports of the module or both.
port {slot/port[/sub-port] [-slot/port[/sub-port]] [,...]}

Identifies the slot and port in one of the following formats: a single slot and port (slot/port), a range of slots and ports (slot/port-slot/port), or a series of slots and ports (slot/port,slot/port,slot/port). If the platform supports channelization and the port is channelized, you must also specify the sub-port in the format slot/port/sub-port.


The default Auto-Negotation behavior depends on the switch model and transceiver type. For more information, see Fabric Engine User Guide.

Command Mode

GigabitEthernet Interface Configuration