boot config flags enhancedsecure-mode

Enable enhanced secure mode. If you enable enhanced secure mode the switch provides role-based access levels, stronger password requirements, and stronger rules on password length, password complexity, password change intervals, password reuse, and password maximum age use.


Command Parameters

{jitc | non-jitc}
Enables either the JITC or non-JITC enhanced secure mode.


The default is disabled.

Command Mode

Global Configuration

Usage Guidelines

You must save the configuration and reboot the switch for a configuration change to take effect.



When you migrate your switch from enhanced secure mode enabled to disabled, or from disabled to enabled, you must build a new configuration.

Do not use a configuration created in either enhanced secure mode disabled or enabled and expect it to transfer over to the new mode.

The configuration file cannot be guaranteed if you transfer between enhanced secure mode enabled to disabled, or from enhanced secure mode disabled to enabled.