qos egressmap

Modify the egress mappings to change traffic priorities. As a best practice, use the default mappings.


Command Parameters

Specifies the Quality of Service (QoS) level in the range of 0 to 7.
1p <0-7>
Maps the Quality of Service (QoS) level to IEEE 802.1p priority. Each QoS level has a default IEEE 1P value:
  • level 0-1

  • level 1-0

  • level 2-2

  • level 3-3

  • level 4-4

  • level 5-5

  • level 6-6

  • level 7-7

ds <0-7>
Maps Quality of Service (QoS) level to Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP).
Specifies the DiffServ code point in hexadecimal, binary, or decimal.



Command Mode

Global Configuration