spanning-tree rstp port

Configure all Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) parameters for a port.


Command Parameters

cost <1-200000000>
Specifies the cost value. The default is 2000000.
edge-port <false|true>
Enables or disables the port as an edge port. The default is disabled (false).
p2p <auto|force-false|false-true>
A value of force-true indicates that this port is treated as if it connects to a point-to-point link.
A value of force-false indicates that this port is treated as having a shared media connection.
A value of auto indicates that this port is considered to have a point-to-point link if it is an aggregator and all of its members are aggregatable, or if the MAC entity is configured for full-duplex operation, either through autonegotation or by management means.
The default is auto.
port {slot/port[/sub-port]}

Identifies a single slot and port. If the platform supports channelization and the port is channelized, you must also specify the sub-port in the format slot/port/sub-port.

priority <0-240>
Specifies the four most significant bits of the port identifier. The values configured for port priority must be in steps of 16. The default is 128.
protocol-migration <false|true>
Configures the protocol migration state of this port. The default is false.
stp enable
Enables STP for the port. The default is disabled.



Command Mode

GigabitEthernet Interface Configuration