show ip pim bsr

Displays information about the bootstrap router (BSR) for this PIM-SM domain.




Command Mode


Command Output

The show ip pim bsr command displays the following information:

Output field


Current BSR address

Shows the IP address of the current BSR for the local PIM domain.

Current BSR priority

Shows the priority of the current BSR. The C-BSR with the highest BSR priority and address (referred to as the preferred BSR) is elected as the BSR for the domain.

Current BSR HaskMask

Shows the mask used in the hash function to map a group to one of the C-RPs from the RP set. The hash-mask allows a small number of consecutive groups (for example, 4) to always hash to the same RP.

Current BSR Fragment

Shows a randomly generated number that distinguishes fragments that belong to different bootstrap messages. Fragments that belong to the same bootstrap message carry the same fragment tag.

Pim Boostrap Timer

Shows the bootstrap timer. After the bootstrap timer expires, the BSR sends out bootstrap messages.


The following example displays information about the bootstrap router (BSR) for this PIM-SM domain.

Switch:1>show ip pim bsr
                 Current BootStrap Router Info  - GlobalRouter

Current BSR address:
Current BSR priority: -1
Current BSR HashMask:
Current BSR Fragment Tag: 0
Pim Bootstrap Timer : 0