show i-sid name

Shows the global I-SID name to I-SID mapping.


Command Parameters

name WORD<1-64>

Specifies the global I-SID name to I-SID mapping.

By default, the service is named ISID-x, where x correlates to the I-SID number of the service.



Command Mode


Command Output

The show i-sid name command displays the following information:

Output field



Indicates the I-SID IDs.


Indicates the I-SID names.


Shows the I-SIDs that are in use as services and the I-SIDs that the administrator names.

An I-SID can have one base type or a combination of base types. You can use the combination of base types so that multiple services can use the same I-SID at the same time. Following are some of the combinations of the base types:

  • config—Shows the SUNI (elan) or TUNI (elan-transparent) in use.

  • discoverLocal—Shows the information that is discovered locally. For example, fabric attach and endpoint tracking information that is received from the local box.

  • discoverRemote—Shows the information that is discovered remotely. For example, SMLT peer communicates on fabric attached or EPT discovery.

  • mgmt—Shows the fabric attach management details.

  • l2vsn—Shows the layer 2 VSN details, such as VLAN I-SID for port based or private VLAN for etree.

  • l3vsn—Shows the layer 3 VSN details, such as IPVPN and IPv6 IPVPN.

  • adminName—Shows the user names service details.

  • eapDiscoverLocal—Shows the information that is discovered by EAP.

  • eapDiscoverRemote—Shows the information that is discovered by an EAP IST peer.

  • autoSense—Shows the onboarding I-SID, discovered by Zero Touch Fabric Configuration.


View I-SID names.

Switch:1(config)#show i-sid name
                          I-SID Name
I-SID           I-SID NAME                      TYPE
1               ExtremeServer1                  adminName
2               ExtremeServer2                  adminName
3               ExtremeServer3                  config adminName
4               ISID-4                          config
23              ISID-23                         config
25              ExtremeServer4                  config adminName

Total number of I-SID Name entries: 6.