filter acl vlan

Associate VLANs with, or remove VLANs from, an access control list (ACL) so that filters do or do not apply to VLAN traffic, respectively.


Command Parameters


Specifies the VLAN ID in the range of 1 to 4059. By default, VLAN IDs 1 to 4059 are configurable and the system reserves VLAN IDs 4060 to 4094 for internal use. On switches that support the vrf-scaling and spbm-config-mode boot configuration flags, if you enable these flags, the system also reserves VLAN IDs 3500 to 3998. VLAN ID 1 is the default VLAN and you cannot create or delete VLAN ID 1.


Specifies the ACL ID. Use the CLI Help to see the available range for the switch.



Command Mode

Global Configuration