ip pim (globally)

Configure PIM to create a PIM instance, and enable or disable PIM globally on the switch and change default global parameters.


Command Parameters

bootstrap-period <5-32757>
Specify the interval (in seconds) that the elected bootstrap router (BSR) waits between originating bootstrap messages.
disc-data-timeout <5-65535>
Specify how long (in seconds) to discard data until the join is received from the rendezvous point (RP). An IP multicast discard record is created after a register packet is sent, until the timer expires or a join is received.
Activates PIM on the switch globally.
Enable the fast join prune interval.
fwd-cache-timeout <10-86400>
Specify the forward cache timeout value.
join-prune-interval <1-18724>
Specify how long to wait (in seconds) before the PIM router sends out the next join/prune message to its upstream neighbors.
register-suppression-timeout <6-65535>
Specify how long (in seconds) the designated router (DR) suppresses sending registers to the RP. The timer starts after the DR receives a register-stop message from the RP.
rp-c-adv-timeout <5-26214>
Specify how often (in seconds) a router configured as a candidate RP (C-RP) sends C-RP advertisement messages. After this timer expires, the C-RP router sends an advertisement message to the elected BSR.
unicast-route-change-timeout <2-65535>
Specify how often (in seconds) the switch polls the routing table manager (RTM) for unicast routing information updates for PIM. Lowering this value increases how often the switch polls the RTM. This can affect the performance of the switch, especially when a high volume of traffic flows through the switch.


The default is disabled.

Command Mode

Global Configuration

Usage Guidelines

This command does not apply to all hardware platforms. For more information about feature support, see Fabric Engine Feature Support Matrix.