Perform various software functions on the switch to ensure it is updated with latest versions.


Command Parameters

activate WORD<1-99>
Copies the software version to the boot flash file. When you use the software activate command, the system checks for hardware dependencies and prevents a downgrade if it detects a dependency. For example, if a hardware component has a minimum software version dependency, you cannot downgrade to an incompatible software version or install the hardware component in a chassis that runs an incompatible software version.
add WORD<1-99>
Unpacks a software release <version>.
add-modules WORD<1-99>
Add modules to existing software release in /intflash/release/<version>
Ensures the running software release is trusted.
iqagent reinstall
Returns the ExtremeCloud IQ Agent firmware version on the switch to the version bundled with the network operating system (NOS) image currently installed on the switch.
remove WORD<1-99>
Removes the software release <version>.
Suppresses the confirmation message to automatically overwrite the non-primary image. If you omit this parameter, you must confirm the action to overwrite the non-primary image.



Command Mode

Privileged EXEC

Usage Guidelines

The -y parameter is not supported on 5520 Series.