tacacs server host

Configures the entry for the primary TACACS+ server.


Command Parameters

Specifies the IP address of the primary TACACS+ server.
Key WORD<0-128>
Configures the secret key to share with this TACACS+ server. If the key length is zero, that indicates no encryption is used.
port <1-65535>
Configures the TCP port on which the client establishes a connection to the server. A value of 0 indicates that the system specified default value is used. The default is 49.
Specifies if the TCP connection between the device and the TACACS+ server is a single connection. If you do not enable the single-connection parameter, the system uses the default connection type that opens and closes a connection for each communication session.
timeout <10-30>
Configures the maximum time, in seconds, to wait for this TACACS+ server to reply. The default is 10 seconds.



Command Mode

Global Configuration