Configures SMTP to generate email notifications for component failures, critical conditions, or general system health status.


Command Parameters

status-send-timer <0 | 30-43200>
Specifies the interval, in seconds, at which the switch sends status information. The default is 30 seconds. A value of 0 means the switch does not send status information.
domain-name WORD<1-254>
Specifies the hostname or IPv4 address.
Enables SMTP.
event id {add | remove} WORD<1-1100>
Add or remove log event to the list of events that generate email notification. You can specify multiple event IDs in a single command by separating them with a comma. The event ID can be up to 10 digits in hexadecimal format.
port <1-65535>
Specifies the SMTP server TCP port number. The default is 25.
receiver-mail {add | remove} WORD<3-1274>
Adds or removes an email address to the recipient list. The recipients receive the email notification generated by the switch. The maximum length for the address is 254 characters.
sender-mail WORD<3-254>
Specifies the email address that displays it in the From field of the message that the switch generates. By default, the switch uses <SystemName>
server WORD<1-256>
Specifies the SMTP server address. You can use either a hostname or IPv4 address. If you use a hostname, you must configure the DNS client on the switch.


The default is disabled.

Command Mode

Global Configuration