ip as-list (for a VRF)

Use an asynchronous (AS) path list to restrict the routing information a router learns or advertises to and from a neighbor. The AS path list acts as a filter that Match AS paths.


Command Parameters

{ permit | deny }
Permits or denies access for matching conditions.
Creates the specified AS-path list entry.
Specifies the IPv4 address and an integer value in the range of 1 to 256.
advertisemap WORD<0-1536>
Specifies the route map name for route advertisements.
as-path WORD<0-1536>
Specifies an integer value between 0 and 1536 placed within quotation marks " ."
Enables autonomous system (AS) information.
Attributemap WORD<0-1536>
Specifies the route map name.
memberid <0-65535>
Adds a regular expression entry to the specified AS-path list.
Enables the summarization of routes not included in routing updates. This parameter creates the aggregate route and suppresses advertisements of more specific routes to all neighbors. The default value is disable.
suppress-map WORD<0-1536>
Specifies the route map name for the suppressed route list.



Command Mode

VRF Router Configuration