password create-user

Configure multiple users in each role based on their user names. You can configure the following roles: administrator, security, auditor, operator, privilege. An administrator role also exists, but only one administrator can exist, and is the user who can configure user access.



You can only access this command after you enable enhanced secure mode using the boot config flags enhancedsecure-mode command.


Command Parameters

{auditor | operator | privilege | security}
The administrator is the highest level, and has access to all of the configurations and show commands, can view the log file and security commands. Only one administrator can exists for the system.
The privilege level has access to all of the commands the administrator has access to, and is known as the emergency-admin. A user at the privilege level always has to be authenticated within the switch locally, with no RADIUS or TACACS+ authentication allowed. The privilege level must login to the switch through the console port only.
The operator level has access to all configurations for packet forwarding on Layer 2 and Layer 3, and has access to show commands to view the configuration, but cannot view the audit logs access security, or password commands.
The security level has access only to security settings and can view configurations.
The auditor can view log files, and can view all configurations, but password configurations.
Specifies the user name of the person to connect a particular user role level with a username.



Command Mode

Global Configuration