boot config flags advanced-feature-bandwidth-reservation

Enables the switch to support advanced features such as SPB, SMLT, and vIST by reserving ports as loopback ports.


Command Parameters

Reserves less bandwidth to support minimum functionality for advanced features. Depending on the hardware platform, the number of reserved ports is different.
Reserves the internal Versatile Interface Module (VIM) ports as loopback ports.


By default, this boot configuration flag is enabled with the following options:

Command Mode

Global Configuration

Usage Guidelines

This command does not apply to all hardware platforms. For more information about feature support, see Fabric Engine Feature Support Matrix.

If your switch does not support this boot configuration flag, it is because the hardware reserves the bandwidth automatically with no user interaction.

You must save the configuration and restart the switch for a configuration change to take effect.

You must ensure your configuration does not include reserved ports before you enable this feature. If the configuration includes reserved ports after you enable this feature and restart the switch, the switch aborts loading the configuration.

The vim parameter is only supported on the 5520 Series.