Source a configuration to merge a script file into the running configuration or verify the syntax of a configuration file.



You are not able to source a complete configuration file to merge it with your running configuration because the system can crash. Use the source command to merge smaller portions of a configuration into the existing configuration.



Do not source a verbose configuration (verbose.cfg) with the debug stop option. The sourcing process cannot complete if you use these two options with a verbose configuration.


Command Parameters

Debugs the script by outputting the configuration commands to the screen.
Stops the sourcing of a configuration if an error occurs.
Checks the syntax of the configuration file. This parameter does not load the configuration file; only verifies the syntax.
If you use this parameter with the stop parameter (source WORD<1-99> stop syntax), the system displays the output on screen and verification stops if it encounters an error.
If you use this parameter with the debug parameter (source WORD<1-99> debug syntax), the output does not stop if it encounters an error; you must review the on-screen output to verify if an error exists.
If you use this parameter by itself, it does not output to the screen or stop on error; it shows an error message, "syntax errors in script", to indicate if errors exist in the configuration file.
Specifies a filename and location.



Command Mode

Privileged EXEC