ip igmp ssm-map (for a VRF)

Configures the SSM map table to map groups to their sending source.


Command Parameters

{A.B.C.D} {A.B.C.D}
Enables the SSM map table for a specific entry or creates a static entry for a specific group. {A.B.C.D} {A.B.C.D} creates a static SSM channel table entry by specifying the group and source IP address. The first IP address is an IP multicast address within the SSM range. The second IP address is the source IP address. The source address is an IP host address that sends traffic to the group.
Enables the SSM map table for all static entries.
Enables the static entry.


The default is disabled.

Command Mode

VRF Router Configuration

Usage Guidelines

Before you disable or delete an ssm-map, always send IGMPv1 or IGMPv2 leave messages from hosts that operate in IGMPv1 or IGMPv2. If you do not perform this action, receiving and processing reports in SSM range on an IGMP interface enabled with IGMPv1 or IGMPv2 can lead to unexpected behavior.