show isis

Display the global Intermediate-System-to-Intermediate-System (IS-IS) configuration.




Command Mode


Command Output

The show isis command displays the following information:

Output field



Indicates the administrative state of the router.


Indicates the router Level: l1, l2, or l1/2.

System ID

Indicates the system ID.

Max LSP Gen Interval

Indicates the maximum time between LSP updates in seconds.


Indicates if the metric is narrow or wide.


Indicates the IS-IS overload-on-startup value in seconds. The overload-onstartup value is used as a timer to control when to send out Link State Packets (LSPs) with the overload bit cleared after IS-IS startup. The default value is 20 seconds.


Indicates if there is an overload condition.

Csnp Interval

Indicates the interval between CSNP updates in seconds.

PSNP Interval

Indicates the interval between PSNP updates in seconds.

Rxmt LSP Interval

Indicates the received LSP time interval.


Indicates an SPF delay in milliseconds. The default value is 100 milliseconds.

Router Name

Indicates the IS-IS name of the router.

ip source-address

Indicates the IP source address used for SPBM IP shortcuts.

ipv6 source-address

Indicates the IPv6 source address used for SPBM IP shortcuts.

ip tunnel source-address

Indicates the IP tunnel source address used for SPBM Fabric Extend.

Tunnel vrf

Indicates the name of the vrf that contains the tunnel endpoints.

ip tunnel mtu

Indicates the maximum size of a packet that can be transmitted through the IP tunnel.

Num of Interfaces

Indicates the number of interfaces on the router.

Num of Area Addresses

Indicates the number of area addresses on the router.

Num of Summary Address

Indicates the summary of the addresses on router.


Indicates the DvR management IP address for this node, in the DvR domain.


Indicates whether this node is part of the DvR backbone.

Dynamically Learned Area

For Fabric Area Network (FAN) members, specifies the IS-IS area that is dynamically learned from the neighbor‘s Hello PDU if the node does not have the IS-IS manual area configured.

FAN Member

Indicates whether the node is a member of the FAN.

Hello Padding

Indicates IS-IS hello packets are padded to detect mismatched MTUs on adjacencies.


Switch:1>show isis
                               ISIS General Info
                            AdminState : enabled
                            RouterType : Level 1
                             System ID : 0014.c7e1.33df
                  Max LSP Gen Interval : 900
                                Metric : wide
                   Overload-on-startup : 20
                              Overload : false
                         Csnp Interval : 10
                         PSNP Interval : 2
                     Rxmt LSP Interval : 5
                             spf-delay : 100
                           Router Name : Switch1
                     ip source-address :
                   ipv6 source-address : 41:0:0:0:0:0:0:100
              ip tunnel source-address :
                            Tunnel vrf : spboip
                         ip tunnel mtu : 1950
                     Num of Interfaces : 2
                 Num of Area Addresses : 1
                        inband-mgmt-ip : 
                              backbone : disabled
              Dynamically Learned Area : 00.0000.0000
                            FAN Member : No
                         Hello Padding : enabled
                  Multi-Area OperState : disabled
                      Multi-Area Flags : home-always-up