Configure a port as a brouter port.


Command Parameters

mac-offset <MAC-offset>

Specifies a number by which to offset the MAC address from the chassis MAC address. This ensures that each IP address has a different MAC address. If you omit this variable, a unique MAC offset is automatically generated. Different hardware platforms support different ranges. To see which range is available on the switch, use the CLI command completion Help.

name WORD <0-64>

Specifies the IP address name in the range of 0 to 64 characters.

port {slot/port[/sub-port]}

Identifies a single slot and port. If the platform supports channelization and the port is channelized, you must also specify the sub-port in the format slot/port/sub-port.

subnet <{A.B.C.D/X}|{A.B.C.D}>
Assigns an IP address and mask for the management port.
vlan <2-4059>

Specifies the VLAN ID in the range of 2 to 4059. VLAN ID 1 is the default VLAN and you cannot create or delete VLAN ID 1. By default, the system reserves VLAN IDs 4060 to 4094 for internal use. On switches that support the vrf-scaling and spbm-config-mode boot configuration flags, if you enable these flags, the system also reserves VLAN IDs 3500 to 3998.



Command Mode

GigabitEthernet Interface Configuration