Trigger a linktrace. The linktrace message is often compared to traceroute. A MEP transmits the Linktrace Message packet to a maintenance endpoint with intermediate points responding to indicate the path of the traffic within a domain for the purpose of fault isolation. The packet specifies the target MAC address of a MP, which is the SPBM system ID or the virtual SMLT MAC. MPs on the path to the target address respond with an LTR.


Command Parameters

<0-22 | 1-22 >
Specifies the Maintenance domain name. The range depends on the hardware platform.
Specifies the remote MAC address to reach the MEP/MIP.
Specifies the MEP ID.
Displays linktrace result details.
priority <0-7>
Specifies the priority. The default is 7.
source-mode {nodal | smltVirtual}
Specifies the source mode as nodal or smltVirtual. The default is nodal.
ttl-value <1-255>
Specifies the time-to-live (TTL) value. The default is 64.



Command Mode


Usage Guidelines

The source-mode smltVirtual parameter does not apply to 5320 Series.