show application restconf

Show the RESTCONF configuration and operation status.




Command Mode


Command Output

The show application restconf command displays the following information:

Output field


Admin State

Specifies the administrative state of the RESTCONF application.

TCP Port

Specifies the TCP port for the RESTCONF server.

Certificate File Status

Specifies the status of TLS/SSL certificate file whether it is installed or uninstalled.

TLS Enable

Specifies whether TLS/SSL is enabled or disabled for the RESTCONF server.

Trap Notification

Specifies whether trap notification is enabled or disabled when the RESTCONF server is not available.

Oper State

Specifies the operational status of the RESTCONF server.

Web Server Version

Specifies the RESTCONF web server version that is running on the device.

RESTCONF Server Version

Specifies the RESTCONF server version that is running on the device.


The following example displays the RESTCONF configuration.

Switch:1>show application restconf
                                      RESTCONF Info
Admin State             : true
TCP Port                : 8080
Certificate File Status : install
TLS Enable              : false
Trap Notification       : true
Oper State              : up
Web Server Version      :
RESTCONF Server Version :