ip prefix-list (for a VRF)

Allows or denies specific route updates. A prefix list policy specifies route prefixes to match. When there is a match, the route is used. Configure a prefix list and apply the list to any IP route policy.


Command Parameters

<A.B.C.D/X> [<ge|le> <0-32>]
Adds a prefix entry to the prefix list. A.B.C.D/X is the IP address and mask. <ge|le> <0-32> Lower bound and higher bound mask lengths together can define a range of networks. Use the no operator to remove a prefix entry from the prefix list: no ip prefix-list WORD<1-64> <A.B.C.D/X>
name WORD<1-64>
Renames the specified prefix list. The name length is from 1 to 64 characters.



Command Mode

VRF Router Configuration