Enable TX flow control for TX to transmit the MAC control PAUSE frames to indicate congestion on the receive side of the port interface. Flow control can only be enabled on 1 Gbit/s and 10 Gbit/s ports. Flow control cannot be enabled for ports that run at less than 1 Gbit/s.


Command Parameters

Enables the TX flow control on the module.
port {slot/port[/sub-port] [-slot/port[/sub-port]] [,...]}

Identifies the slot and port in one of the following formats: a single slot and port (slot/port), a range of slots and ports (slot/port-slot/port), or a series of slots and ports (slot/port,slot/port,slot/port). If the platform supports channelization and the port is channelized, you must also specify the sub-port in the format slot/port/sub-port.


The default is disabled.

Command Mode

GigabitEthernet Interface Configuration