ip ospf accept adv-rtr

Configures OSPF accept policies for the VRF.


Command Parameters

Specifies the IP address.
adv-rtr <A.B.C.D>
Specifies the advertising router IP address.
Enables an OSPF accept entry for a specified advertising router.
metric-type <type1|type2|any>
OSPF external routes match this entry. any means match all external routes. type1 means match external type 1 only. type2 means match external type 2 only.
route-map WORD<0-64>
Specifies the name of the route policy to use for filtering external routes advertised by the specified advertising router before accepting into the routing table.
vrf WORD<1-16>
Specifies the configuration for a particular VRF. WORD<1-16> specifies the VRF name.



Command Mode

VRF Router Configuration