Use this command to backup all files, including the directory of the internal flash, to the USB flash or to create a backup zip.


Command Parameters

configure WORD<1-99>
Copies all configuration files and packages them into a single .zip file. License files are not backed up.
Copies all files from the internal flash to the USB drive at /usb/intflash. You must disable logging to the compact flash you want to restore before you can use the backup. The system verifies that the USB flash device has enough available space to perform the backup operation. If the USB flash device does not have enough available space, the system displays an error message. The backup command uses the following filepath on the USB flash device: /usb/intflash/intflashbackup_yyyymmddhhmmss.tgz.


This command does not apply to all hardware platforms. On some platforms, the USB port cannot be used for file transfer. For more information, see your hardware documentation.



Command Mode

Privileged EXEC