ip pim (for a port)

Enable PIM and configure to perform multicasting operations.


Command Parameters

Enables PIM and sets interface type to active.
bsr-candidate <preference>
Enables BSR candidate on an interface.
Configure PIM for each interface to enable the interface to perform multicasting operations.
hello-interval <0-18724>
Specifies the query interval in seconds.
hello-interval <0-18724>
Specify how long to wait (in seconds) before the PIM switch sends out the next hello message to neighboring switches.
interface-type [active | passive]
Specifies the pim interface-type on a interface.
join-prune-interval <1-18724>
Specify how long to wait (in seconds) before the PIM router sends out the next join/prune message to its upstream neighbors.
Enable PIM and configure the interface type to passive simultaneously. By default, an enabled interface is active.



Command Mode

GigabitEthernet Interface Configuration