snmp-server community

Create a community to use in forming a relationship between an SNMP agent and one or more SNMP managers. You require SNMP community strings to access the system using SNMP-based management software.


Command Parameters

community-by-index WORD<1-32>
Specifies the community string by index to delete.
context WORD<0-32>
Specifies the context in which management information is accessed when you use the specified community string.
group WORD<0-32>
Specifies the group name.
index WORD<0-32>
Specifies the unique index value of a row in this table.
secname WORD<0-32>
Maps the community string to the security name in the VACM Group Member Table. The range is 0-32 characters.
Specifies a community string, from 1-32 characters.



Command Mode

Global Configuration