ipv6 ospf area (for a VRF)

Configure OSPF parameters on a VRF to control how OSPF behaves.


Command Parameters

Specifies the area address.
default-cost <0-16777215>
Stub area default metric for this stub area, which is the cost from 0 to 16 777 215. This is the metric value applied at the indicated type of service.
import <external|noexternal|nssa>
Specifies the type of area: external - Stub and NSSA (not so stubby area) are both false. noexternal-Configures the area as stub area. nssa - Configures the area as NSSA.
import-summaries enable
Configures the area support to import summary advertisements into a stub area. This parameter must be used only if the area is a stub area.



Command Mode

VRF Router Configuration