ip isid-list (for a VRF)

Create an I-SID list to use with IS-IS accept policies.


Command Parameters

Specifies an I-SID value.
list WORD<1-1024>
Specifies a list of I-SID values in one of the following formats (1,3,5,8-10).
Specifies a name for the I-SID list.



Command Mode

VRF Router Configuration

Usage Guidelines

When creating an I-SID list, you can add I-SID entries until the maximum limit for supported Layer 3 I-SIDs is reached. The system truncates any additional I-SID entries. The maximum limit includes the I-SIDs for locally configured Layer 3 VSNs and the I-SIDs specified for IS-IS accept policy filters.

Use the command show ip isid-list vrf WORD<1-16> to view the list of truncated I-SIDs.

When deleting an I-SID list, ensure that the I-SID list is not associated with an IS-IS accept policy. Otherwise the deletion fails. An I-SID list associated with an accept policy cannot be deleted because it must contain at least one constituent I-SID.